A Few Puppy Grooming Tips

Artur, from Warsaw, Poland writes:

“We would like to ask you about the care for the puppy like bath, hair cut and brush. Maybe you can share with us some information.”

Sure we can!  We are happy to share with you how we typically do things.

Grooming your labradoodle can be a joy… or a battle.  The key thing here is to start young, like right now! to handle your doodle’s feet, tail, face etc.  Have treats to make it a pleasant time for your puppy.  Also, remember regular maintenance means less pain and less conflict.  Take the time once a week to brush and clean your dogs ears.

We are asked so often, “How often should we bather our doodle?”  Our answer is only as often a you need to!  A puppy will need bathed more often.  It’s low to the ground and mud… and , well, puppies are just carefree and crazy 🙂  If you can get away with only washing the paws, then just do that.  We suggest finding a mild shampoo… and then diluting it.  We love having a watery shampoo, that we then lather up.  A thick shampoo is harder to get completely out and you can end up leaving some behind, and that can be itchy.

Ophelia and Roselyn were happy to help us in this little video.  We hope you find something helpful in it.

Thank you Artur of Warsaw for asking for some suggestions!