Labradoodle Lingo

Learning to Speak the Labradoodle Lingo!

If you are new to Labradoodles and you talk to someone who is into Labradoodles, you might get lost in all the “Labradoodle lingo”. Here is a little reference guide to help you through.

Australian Labradoodle?  Labradoodle?  WHAT?

So what does this all mean?  A labradoodle refers to a dog that is lab x poodle… and maybe it’s bred back to a poodle, or bred back to another lab x poodle.  But the dog is 100% lab and poodle.

Australian Labradoodles have more than those 2 breeds.  These dogs originated in Australia.  They were bred to be an allergy friendly service dog.  As the dog was developed, other breeds may or may not have been infused into your Australian Labradoodle.  The breeds include Curly Coat Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and Portuguese Water Dog.

At Pine Lodge Labradoodles we breed Australian Labradoodles.  We have found that this breed meets the needs of the families we serve.