Agnus’ Puppies Big Day! 1

Every Pine Lodge Puppy has “their big day.”  We, like most Australian Labradoodle Breeders, early spay and neuter our puppies. On the puppies big day that is what happens.  They also receive a microchip, so they can be identified.

We are very confident in the team at Willamette Valley Animal Hospital to perform this task.  They have not let us down either.  They are experts, as well as being efficient and caring.

Here is a video of the puppies, right after the arrived home.  You will see, they feel pretty good.  For the next couple of days they will play not quite as long or as rough.  They will sleep a little more.  But all in all, they pop back to their ol’ selves.



One thought on “Agnus’ Puppies Big Day!

  • Mike Cameron

    Good Afternoon:

    We are wondering how big they will be when full grown? Do they shed ?
    Thank You
    Mike & Cheri Cameron

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