And 4 years later….

Four years ago we were contacted by a nice  young family, wanting a labradoodle.  They had a young son and they had a desire for their boy to grow up with a dog.  They chose one of Marilyn’s puppies, named Sparky.

And they took Sparky home.  They changed his name to Zico, and began integrating him into their family.

Not long after they got Zico, they sent us this picture.  We determined that Zico was sharing secrets with his new found best friend, the son.

WE have just loved this picture!  If you have looked around our site, you will have seen it!

Let’s fast forward almost 4 years.  We recently heard from Zico’s family.  They describe him as the smartest and best dog ever!  He must be, because he now has an office job with Rafael!  Look at how he has changed from that cute little puppy… to a terrific looking dog!

You can see he's just a little lap dog...

Zico likes to choose his own seat.

Dog friends.

And of course Best Friends….

Zico and his boy, best friends.

And yes, they still tell secrets…

Best Friends share everything...


Thank’s Zico and family for the fun update!  It is fun to see how Zico and his boy have grown!  Happy life to you Zico!