annie_0414Justannie_0310 a quick update on Annie–I am just so pleased with her progress that I have to brag about her to someone.

Her personality is finally out in full force and is so endearing. She is fun, funny, intelligent, and very loving. And so much My dog. I don’t think I have ever had the kind of bond that I now have with Annie–and I have loved a lot of dogs!

She learns things so quickly, but I am waiting until the weather improves before I put her in a class.

She is still a little timid, to some extent, I expect she will always be, a bit–but she is great buddies with our other dog, Emily, and follows her into all kinds of new situations. She now plays and sits with my husband.
If Annie is at all representative of her breed, then there is no doubt that I will get another Australian labradoodle when we have room in our house for another dog. I think I have said this before, but thank you so much for sending her to me.


Annie was almost a year and a half when Linda got her. She didn’t have the time with us in our home like Willie. Annie was my little outside helper with feeding my sheep.