Thank you so much for our Bailey. She is 6 months old and from Sienna and Burton’s litter. I have waited my whole life to have a dog and it seems that I have found the perfect one for our family. She is sweet, gentle and playful. We can’t imagine our life without her. We are still amazed by how smart she is. She learned ‘sit, lie down, stay and paw’ within two weeks of being here. Her favorite thing is to play catch with a ball in the yard. She drops it at your feet and runs out to catch the next toss immediately. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, in fact many of your puppies came to our town after families had the chance to meet Bailey. We are thrilled to have so many of her “cousins” in the neighborhood. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for the perfect family dog. The truest testament to this is the fact that my husband objected to getting a dog for 20 years and now can be found on any given night watching tv on the sofa with the puppy in his lap. She is truly a joy to have and we are forever grateful.

The C. Family

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