bennie_0415aDear Connie en John. everything is going great with Bennie. He is doing very well and understands a lot! And is so sweet…. He met Rumours last Sunday, also a child of your farm. And at the next photo you see he is still buzzy with his blanket from Rivermist; he drags it to my working room and falls asleep!

Greetings Dieuwke



Dear Connie & John,

We would like you to know that Bennie is doing great here in Holland. Having good nights and doing his potty quite good. There is a lot of fun here with four children and lots of friends. He likes everything and when he is tired he goes to his bench. Good boy! Thank you for bringing this joy to our family! He looks happy and calm, thanks to a perfect start and your love!

Greetings Reinier, Dieuwke, David, Job, Elisa & Daniel … and Bennieboy!!

bennie_0415d bennie_0415c bennie_0415b