Hi Connie,

First, Kelly and enjoyed meeting you and John in your beautiful home. What a place, what a setting! Secondly, we made it back to Palo Alto without a hitch, although we cut the flight a little close. Bixby (name we settled on) whined a lot in the car, but was a perfect dog on the plane. We were upgraded to First Class and she sat between us on the armrest. What a first flight for her! She has very quickly adapted, sleeping quietly in her pen, which is now set up in our kitchen, through the night, both Tuesday and last night. She is eating well and shows no signs of separation anxiety. She is very happy, and has quickly worked her way into our hearts. She is a special dog! Everyone is thrilled.

So all is well and we wish you a happy new year. I will send some pics soon.

Thanks for your kindness and professionalism. It has been a pleasure.