I wanted to let you know that we love “Buddy” so much already. After researching and meeting a few labradoodles I still wondered can these dogs really be as amazing as they appear? I have my answer now for sure and “Buddy” is even more amazing than we could have imagined. He is so sweet, smart, happy and simply goes with the flow. He is simply incredible with our 2 year old daughter. He doesn’t pay any attention to her screaming and wildness at all he is so laid back! We are hooked and will be Labradoodle owners from now own. I have enclosed some pictures of “Buddy” and our daughter Addyson who are now best buddies! Thank you Connie for raising such great dogs and for all of your help as we picked the right puppy for our family. After such a long flight he jumped out of the crate and happily kissed each of us over and over!

Montie, Joyce and Addyson

buddy_1028a buddy_1028d buddy_1028e buddy_1028c