burnie_1230bWe are so in love with this new puppy! We decided to call him Burnie, short for Burnham.

He is a great traveler! He does really well in the car, and I walked him through the Seattle and Chicago airports with no accidents! He even held it for the entire flight to Chicago!

He is doing really well with potty training, and he is getting used to his new crate. Did you guys have an open wire crate for him? Did you cover it or put anything in there to comfort him? He doesn’t like to go in the crate here, so I want to try to make it a similar to the one you used as I can.

burnie_1230aHe and my Goldendoodle, Buster, are getting along really well! They play constantly and seem to be buds already.

People have stopped me to ask where he’s from and to comment on how cute he is, and everyone loves his soft coat and the way he prances when he walks!!!

Thanks so much for the pup! He’s been a great addition to our family so far!