California Road Trip Day 2 2

Yesterday our assistant, Brenda and her daughter, took off for California with three of our little darlings. They are hand delivering these mini Australian Labradoodles. The puppies are Brahms, Oppie and Pippy.

Brahms2 Oppie2 Pippy

The puppies were texting me at 5:45 a.m. this morning!  Those little darlings wake up early!

photo 2

"We made it over the river,hills and mountains,through the woods,
pouring rain ,blowing wind and cold dark night to California! 
We slept very well until Emilee decided that she needed a proper
hair do this morning. So after eating breakfast and a quick snuggle, 
we then decided that we should do some thing about our travel hair do... 
So in to the tub we went!"

photo 1



2 thoughts on “California Road Trip Day 2

  • LouiseMoms

    and that is why these dogs give so much love, they receive love from the very start. Your message…

  • Suzanne

    I hope the winds and rains didn’t scare you too badly. We know you’re in very good hands but 5:45 really now? Well, I’ll tell you a secret… We were up too and we got to relax in bed instead of getting coiffed. What a great adventure…Happy Trails !!!

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