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Meet Doris & Lois! 3

Meet Doris Eleanor and Lois Mabel! Two of our newest Pine Lodge Labrdoodle mama prospects. We wanted to give these two the most special of names. We want them to grow up to be the greatest of moms! So… we named them after our dear moms who are the very […]

Update on Timber

Timber is one of Azure and Raleigh’s and just went to her family last month. Thanks Timber and Lydia for the update and pictures! Hi Heidi,  Just checking in to send you a few pictures and let you know we are all settled in down in Vegas. We have had […]

Remembering Judy 5

It is with sadness we announce that our first and oldest Pine Lodge doodle passed away peacefully on October 25th, 2017. Black Diamond Judy, or Judy as we called her, lived a very full life of 131/2 years. A loving mother, she provided 31 puppies which became loving companions for […]

Hello from Zoë!

Today we received a lovely thank you note and a photo-update from Zoë’s family. Zoë is from Elsha’s last litter, and lives with the Meijer family in Holland. From the looks of it she has been enjoying her life there!    Hello Heidi and Roy,   Do you still remember […]


Elsha’s puppies are 3 weeks old now, and we have finally gotten a peek at their peepers! Did you know…. Puppies open their eyes between 2 and 3 weeks. They each open them on their own schedule. With Elsha’s litter, we have puppies with their eyes wide open while some […]

Week 1 down…and life is just beginning!

Elsha and North’s puppies are now over a week old. They are really growing! They love to cuddle with mama, but if she’s out for a break they cuddle with each other-that’s where the term ‘dog pile’ comes from! Puppies this young cannot regulate their own body heat, so keeping […]

Elsha’s puppies are here! 2

Last week we introduced you to Elsha and North, our very expectant parents. As luck would have it, Elsha started having those puppies just after our blog posted! Over the course of the next 9.5 hours, she delivered 11 gorgeous puppies. Her puppies are all red, red & white, or apricot and […]

Ready to Crush summer!

Pine Lodge Orange Crush is ready to help you crush your summer goals! Pine Lodge Orange Crush is almost four months old and ready for summer in his forever home! Crush will be around 25 pounds as an adult and has a beautiful wavy-fleece coat which is allergy-friendly and will […]

Australian Labradoodle Breeders At Rivermist Ranch

Pine Lodge Labradoodles at Rivermist Ranch, located in the beautiful state of Oregon is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo who many consider the world’s premier Australian Labradoodle breeders. These high school sweethearts possess the core quality of family and are wholesome, heartwarming people. These are the […]