charlie_0611bHi Connie,

Thank you for checking in. I know you care deeply for all of your puppies as they grow up and ‘leave the nest’. Charlie made it to Boston in wonderful shape and was very calm in his crate upon arrival and absolutely delighted to be out and be held once here. Despite last Friday’s torrential rain, with a huge umbrella and lots of towels, we all stayed mostly dry. He slept in the car for most of the ride down to the Cape and acclimated really well once there. After several days, he got use to going outside and there have been almost no accidents since. By the second day, the stairs were not even a challenge. Of course the visit with Gale, Janet and Todd was as much a delight for the humans as it was for Charlie.

charlie_0611aHe is very well adjusted, loves people and other dogs. He seems happy all of the time and is really playful and cute! He is inquisitive and seems to catch on quickly. He clearly loves to ‘hang out’ with his new people family! It is so clear that he came from a loving, attentive and healthy home at Rivermist before coming to our home. Thank you so much for all you have done to bring us such a loving and happy puppy!

Pictures are enclosed and we will stay in touch.

Bob and Maura

charlie_0611e charlie_0611d charlie_0611c