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Once upon a time there was a mama dog named Tabby…she was a beautiful, standard Australian Labradoodle.  She was born at Tualatin River Labradoodles but came to Pine Lodge Labradoodles to live. 

And there was a papa dog named Ranger….he was a small medium Australian Labradoodle from California.  He was born at ASD labradoodles, but he came to Pine Lodge Labradoodles as a little nipper.

Anyway, one day the two had an idea.  A great idea.  Their idea was… why not have some little baby Australian Labradoodles?  They thought and thought about it and decided they would like to do that on Cinco de Mayo!  So they made their plan!

Well, the Australian Labradoodle delivery stork got a little confused.  Storks are nice birds, but maybe not too smart.  And they don’t speak Spanish.  What a surprise when the Cinco de Mayo Australian Labradoodle puppies arrived on Quatro de Mayo!  The expectant parents did not know what to say… should they refuse the order and tell them to come back the next day???  No, they couldn’t do that because they both are way to curious, so they accepted the Quatro de Mayo puppies.

Now these clever parents had already chosen the puppy names.  They all were names that celebrated Cinco De Mayo.  What should they do??? They decided to just go ahead and keep the names they had chosen.


Do you see that little puppy in the front, center?  With the orange ribbon?  That is Cinco, who was really born on quatro.  She is the girl we want to talk about today.  She is just born in that picture.

It is almost a whole year later.  Cinco has grown and grown!



And now she is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday!  Cinco lives with a guardian family, not too far from Pine Lodge.  They are a fun family and they just love her to pieces.  Being born on quatro, not cinco, was confusing, so they call her Cuzco, and she likes that just fine!

Cusco, or Cinco, loves to spend time with her family.  She loves to go on outings.  And she loves to be a model for pictures 🙂  Here are some pictures of her as a more grown up girl.

As Tabby and Ranger sat around the fire the other evening, they thought back on their cute little Quatro de Mayo puppies.  They are so glad they had them.  They are even glad the silly stork brought them early.  And they wish their little pups another wonderful year, as their birth date draws near.  They are all lovely kiddos.

  Happy Birthday in a few days Cinco/Cuzco! 

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  • Heather

    She is the best dog ever. We get so many compliments on how good she is. Love her!

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