clifford_0327Hi Connie,

Well, you were so right about our boy Clifford! What a wonderful dog he is! When I came to pick him up, he was extremely friendly, showed no signs of fear, and he has continued with that demeanor, even as I introduced him to his new home! I am just astounded with how well he is adjusting! He is even great with the cats, already! He and Jackson have been playing non-stop since Clifford got here- and I mean NON STOP- until about 10:30 last night when we finally put the boys in their crates and they were OUT until 6:30 this morning. I have been monitoring their play very closely to make sure Clifford’s stitches are not being affected by all the rough-housing and they continue to look great.

My husband fell in love with Clifford instantly- he could see how special he is. Truly, we just could not be happier! I have already worked with Clifford a bit on “sit, down, and come” and he is picking it up fast! He is a bit afraid of our stairs (we have lots of them), but I’m sure he will get the hang of it quickly, like everything else.

As I write this, both dogs are in the large kennel I have set up in the basement (they are both a wet, muddy, mess from their morning play in the yard ), and Jackson is doing so much better in it then he ever did alone. I just KNEW two Jackson won’t teach Clifford his bad barking habits- but so far I haven’t heard Clifford bark at all- hopefully his calmness with rub off on Jackson!

Thank you again! We are in doggy heaven here! Hope you are having a good visit with your parents. I will definitely keep in touch. I will send pictures and I want to take a short “movie” of the boys playing in the backyard which I will forward to you soon.

Thanks again!