Hi Connie,

Just had to write you. I decided to check back on your site and see if any cute puppies were on the cameras. When your page opens, you are calling several of the dogs, and as you’re calling, guess who looks up from where she’s laying….immediately came into my office, looking around….Nicole, or as we call her, “Colee”. My husband said he thought it was me….so, we’re now thinking she thinks I’m “you”….as she is “extremely” attached to me and has been ever since I brought her home. My husband tries everything to have her like him too, which of course she does….but it’s just not the same. We are loving her soo much….in fact, I sent out pictures this Christmas of our new family photo….Jim and me, with Colee in the middle. Just thought you’d like to hear a happy story….and if you have time to stop in sometime when you’re here at Seaside, would be fun to see you, and see if Colee can tell us apart.

Bye now, Kay