cooper_0529bHi Connie!

I wanted to update you on the most wonderful Doodle in the world (at least in my opinion!). Cooper passed is Canine Good Citizen Class last month!. He did it at only 22 months old — the testers were very impressed by how young he was!. I am very proud of him!. He definitely has Therapy Dog potential, and we are starting down that path.. He loves learning and his training classes and is quite the hit with kids.. He also really enjoys just meeting people — never met a stranger!. I seriously could not ask for a better dog, and feel so lucky he waddled out and chose me on the day we came to visit the pups!.

In addition to his training, we have been hiking a lot, and almost stopped by your B&B out in Stevenson as we have climbed Hamilton Mountain a couple of times in the last month!. Unfortunately, we ran out of time.. I wonder what he would do when he saw you?. He still tilts his head when he hears your voice on the website calling Jordy.. Yes, I still stop in and check out the pups….can’t help myself!
Here are some pictures of Cooper hiking and the proud pooch with his CGC certificate..

Thank you again for the most amazing dog in the whole world!.

cooper_0529c cooper_0529a cooper_0529b