crissy_0727cHi Connie,

When we first contacted you about a puppy we asked for one that liked to travel. Well Crissy is certainly that dog. We recently took our youngest daughter Jen to Chicago and visited with our daughters Robyn and Michelle (Kermie’s Mom). Crissy was a real trooper as we completed over 1500 miles on our round trip from Maryland. Crissy met cousin Kermie for the first time too. Kermie acted like the true 18 month-old gentlemen that he is & put up with Crissy’s attempts at “ALPHA dog-ness.” However, a few days into our stay Kermie put “Crissy the Diva” in her place & they lived happily ever after. It was cute watching the interaction and Kermie’s looks that seemed to say “I want to bite her, but I know she’s just a puppy–and a girl one too.” Crissy also met various relatives in Toledo Ohio & Pittsburgh Pa. Of course they all loved her. I’m attaching three photos: two of cousins Kermie & Crissy and one showing Crissy after her visit to the groomer. NOTE: you don’t have to post them all. 😎

All is goods in Maryland and Crissy barks “hi” to you.
Bill & Pat