Day 2 of Puppy Road Trip 2014 3

Today was not a big traveling day for the puppies and us.  We woke up, had the puppies take care of business and eat.  Then we got ready and headed over to West Valley.  There we all got out and enjoyed a visit with some dear friends who are serving a mission in Salt Lake City.  They had a lovely fenced-in patio.  We set up our ex-pens and the puppies played and romped.

They also enjoyed all the attention Lola gave them!


Once we wore them out, we put them down for a nap in crates and we went into Salt Lake City.  We enjoyed walking around Temple Square and eating a lovely lunch at the Lion House.


We had to take a picture in front of the seagull monument fountain.  Whenever we took our children to Salt Lake City, we took a picture of them in front of that monument.

lola and lynn

We had a great time in Temple Square with Lola and Lynn.  Also seeing where they are serving.

From there we loaded up the puppies in the van again.  These puppies are fantastic!  They don’t wimper or cry.  Or wrestle too much.  They just sleep or play in the car.  And are charming when we get out.

Our next stop was Park City.  What a lovely place! There we had a good visit with Tegan, one of our puppies all grown up!  She shares her lovely home with her mom and dad, Suzi and Lacey.  They were so kind to invite us to stay the night.  Ok, maybe I should say they are more than kind… a bit crazy!  They are soooo excited to have the puppies visiting!  They have made each one of them feel so welcomed!  (I will be counting the puppies twice when I leave here…)


Tegan was not sure what to think of the little fellers at first… four ankle biters at one time!


Once they got to her backyard, she was in heaven!  She ran, they chased.  She chased, they ran!  They had a great time.


We finished the puppies’ evening by borrowing Tegan’s doggy wash tub and bathing the puppies.  After traveling, it was time.  Then we set up the ex-pens and let them camp out!  That means no crates!  We figured they had had enough crate time.

We are so touched by all the wonderful people we have met, through these little puppies.  Our life is so blessed!

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of Puppy Road Trip 2014

  • Lynn

    Once again, love these, especially our guy having a bath! Such TLC!:)

    And so glad to see you two having a great time! Thank-you again….

  • Brenda Blakley

    So glad to see you had time to spend with my Mom(Lola). A bit jealous that you where there and not me! glad you are having fun.

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