Day 3 Puppy Road Trip 2014 1

Today we began the day early by Roy getting up and taking the puppies for a walk about.  Then he crawled back in bed and slept some more 🙂

We left Park City and headed south.  We were able to meet up with Roy’s sister, her husband, and her little grandson Jack.  We met up in Provo, Utah.   Jack was not sure what to do with 4 puppies at once, but was a good sport.

photo 1

We hit the road again.  Our next stop was a place we had heard of, but had never had the pleasure to visit, Cove Fort.  We enjoyed the tour and the restoration of this pioneer fort was amazing.

photo 2

The puppies enjoyed a picnic lunch nearby and some time to romp and play.  I love the rustic fence in the background.  This is not part of the museum.  It was really part of a cattle yard.

photo 3

From there we went to Cedar City.  Christopher Reeves met his forever family!  He will be called Blue now.  I think it was love at first sight…


The puppies continue to amaze us.  They travel so well.  I sometimes wonder if Roy forgot to load the crates!  They stay clean. They play nicely in the two ex-pens we hook together for them.  Eat and drink great.  It’s been wonderful.

We are all tucked into our motel in St.George, Utah for the night now.  We did just have to talk to the puppies about using their quiet voices… but it was happy loud voices 🙂  All the same, we don’t want to disturb anyone.

So tomorrow is another day.  Another adventure.

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