Dear Connie and John,


at Monica’s home…

I am the daughter of Will Hendriks, the new owner of Toby, now called Diesel.

I am helping my father with this e-mail, and get your names by Monica.

Monday the 8th of December,
My father came to me, and together we went to Monica and Marco, to get Diesel.
They(all) were very tired from travelling but the puppies were running around and very

Then, we went to my fathers house…just a 15 min. ride….

(that's me, daughter, Karin..with Diesel in my lap....he was already sleeping)

(that’s me, daughter, Karin..with Diesel in my lap….he was already sleeping)

my proud Dad...

my proud Dad…

my also proud (step)mother.

my also proud (step)mother.

Diesel is doing very well! He is living now with 3 cats …
Cats are accustomed to a dog…they need to get used to each other but it all went well!

Diesel likes to play a lot…even in the night….

diesel_1212eHe went to the vet, at wednessday the 10th of December.
he is a very very handsome boy and very heallthy, his first vaccination in Holland
will be just before X-mas.

Also, at Wednesday , Diesel went with my Dad, to the puppy course,
at the end he was very tired and fell a sleep, a bit …but he was still curious …

Diesel has lot’s of energy.. the first 2 nights my father and mother didn’t sleep at all….
and last night, they had a good sleep…

Diesel is very very clever, almost all his pees and poops are already outside,
and he almost ever let my dad know by peeping or small barking that he needs help or want to go out.. 🙂

handsome Diesel!

handsome Diesel!

We hope, that you are happy with this mail! And we keep in touch!

for so far, we all want to wish you a merry Christmas!

(at the moment it is very stormy and rainy overhere…..)




with kindly regards,

Will, Lilis and Karin  (daughter)