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One interesting thing you will find when you are talking to Australian Labradoodle Breeders is that most do Early Spay and Neuter, which means early sterilization.  There are a few reasons why.  And of course each individual breeder will also have their own reasons.

When we first started breeding labradoodles, we were not to sure about the whole idea our self.  We of course were interested in not overpopulation the world with uncared for dogs.  Oops litters happen  way too easy!  We also were interested in protecting our lines- the family pedigree.  This is a new breed, so being conscientious and keeping good records is very important.  But what about the dogs health?

We researched on line and talked to different vets.  We learned that many doubting studies are often comparing results to other species, such as horses!  Our vets informed us of good success.  They were not having detrimental side affects.

What we found so amazing was the resiliency of puppies!  When we have had young adults and adults spayed or neutered.  The recovery is anywhere from 3 days to 3 months!  We would like you to see what we see, when we bring our puppies home from the vets.  These video’s were taken probably 4 or 5 hours after surgery, and around 5 minutes after being home.

Copper’s puppies:

Tasey’s puppies:

These are happy, comfortable dogs.  Yes, they will sleep good tonight.  Maybe they will nap a little more tomorrow.  But all in all, they are well.

It breaks my heart when I see unwanted puppies.  Or a dog too young, pregnant.  Or people who cannot handle their male dog, because he has that drive to get out and share his DNA.  It’s sad.  It makes me feel better to know that my puppies are going out into the big world, without those issues.

Of course you should do your own research.  I just wanted to share with you my experiences and my beautiful , happy puppies, just hours after they were spayed and neutered.

One thought on “Early Spay and Neuter?

  • Els

    What a lovely movie! I saw the one of Tasey’s puppies, including your granddaughters which are lovely themselves. I get more sure every day I want one of your dogs in a while. I do still not know when it is a right time to have a small dog with our dog…..
    Hope your daughter’s situation is improving. I keep praying and thinking about her and you(r familiy).

    Kind regards, Els

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