Just a note to let you know that we made it home with our new pup. He is doing really well. He rode all the way in the car very happily.

We do appreciate the work you put into his training early on. He will pee on command when we take him outside. He loves to follow people around and is beginning to learn to come on command. We are working on his tendency to mouth people. It is usually pretty easy to distract him when he tries. He has a very sweet disposition. He is on the way to becoming a really good dog.

He had a visit to the vet on Friday. He made friends with everyone in the vet’s office and came away with a clean bill of health, as we all expected.

Haven’t settled on a name yet, but Emmett is his “working name” for now. (Will probably stick).

Peggy and I want to thank you both for making this little fellow available to us. We look forward to a long, happy relationship with him. We will send along some photos of him as he grows for you to use on your website, if you like.

Thanks again,

Jim & Peggy