Enjoying a Little Sun

We are happy to share with you today a little bit of sunshine and smiles 🙂

The sun has been out and warming the ground up so Jodie’s puppies took their first afternoon stroll in the garden.

My granddaughter was there to help guide them.

They were not sure what they should think about the tickly grass, the prefered the quilt.

But most of all they preferred Scharae’s lap!

They licked her toes and her fingers…. trying to figure out what they should be doing with her. They soon figured out she was pretty good and petting and hugging, and that was good!

After their little exploration and photo shoot, they were quickly getting tired.

I had carried them out to the garden in a basket for laundry. I loaded them up in the basket once again and carried them to their nursery. They were all sound asleep before we even got there! Such sweet, sweet babies