Fetchin’ Gretchen’ Goes to the Vet

What did I do today?  Well, first I made sure there were no birds or cats on the fence.  Then  I checked our doggie court yard for forgotten bones- found none.  I bossed Marion Berry and Sharlie Brown for a bit.  They have both out grown me, but I want them to remember I am higher up in the pack!   Then….THEN I got in the doodle mobile and headed to the vet!

There I met up with my friend Michelle.  We took a walk to the back of Reproductive Revolutions clinic.  I got all comfy on these nice foam bed things.  And I had an x-ray!

Here it is.  Those funny spots… I ate something I probably shouldn’t have… But if you look real close, you can count one, two, three puppies!  They look quite big, but after Dr. Lopate measured, she assured me I should be able to deliver the puppies.  When I had my ultra sound at 3 weeks, there were four puppies there.  Sadly, one didn’t make it and was absorbed. ( You can click on any of the photo’s or the x-ray to make them larger.)

And now, I just feel like laying around!  I am due on March 18th.  I’ll be thinking of names and knitting booties.  And trying to get my sleep before I have those middle of the night feedings! 

I’ll keep you posted!