Georgia and Odyssey’s Pups coming soon! 2

Our beautiful and very sweet girl, Georgia Peaches,


has been bred to Odyssey.  This is his first time siring a litter!  The puppies will be medium size and will be apricot to red in color.


You may or may not have seen their ultra sound photo.  They determined that Georgia was carrying six puppies.  This was done around 5 weeks ago.

Photo: Georgia and Odyssey are expecting 6 puppies around March 7th!  Here is an ultra sound.

Today Georgia went into the reproductive vet for an xray.  This is the clearest picture they can get of what is going on inside of her.

Georgia's Puppy x ray

How many puppies can you see?  You can count either the skulls or the backbones… and they should be the same.  The vet, again, declared 6!

The puppies are due right around March 7th.  They will be ready to go home in early May.  We are still taking reservations!

Congratulations Georgia and Odyssey!

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  • BöttcherMarion

    I am from Hamburg Germany And really interested in getting a Puppy . Is itpossible to visit you ?
    Looping vorwarf to Heat from you Sohn.
    Best regards
    Marion Böttcher

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