Good Clean Fun! 5

Tonight is bath night for some of the doodles!  Tomorrow at 5 a.m., five of the puppies are heading with me to the airport.  We are heading out on a plane to The Netherlands!

We have been busy getting ready all week!  The bags are packed, the list is almost all checked off… and now…it is bath time.

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BeFunky_for heidi 2 005.jpg


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These puppies are such fun kids!  They will do almost anything to get out of taking a bath!  Tonight…. they were telling “Clean” jokes.  Here are a few of them… and a few pictures…


So Steve said,

“What animal do you look like when you get into
bath ?
A little bear ! ”

Raina, the red dog to his left did not get it….




Opal had a good one,

“Which birds steal soap from the bath ?
ducks ! ”



They all chimed in, “Tell us another one Opal!”


“Where does a vampire take a bath?
In the
bat-room (bathroom). ”

DSC02488  DSC02497

“I have one!” said little Misty.  “A man walked into a lodge in Yellowstone

National Park. ‘Can you give me a room and bath?’ he asked the
‘I can give you a room,’ the clerk said. ‘But you’ll have to take

the bath by yourself!’


Good one Misty!

DSC02499   DSC02502

This was the favorite joke of all!  Bodi told this one…

“What dog loves to take bubble baths ?
shampoodle ! ”


You have to admit, that is a good “clean” joke…


They eventually ran out of clean jokes… and the bathing began.



5 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun!

  • Judith Tordoir

    They are all utterly adorable!!!! Just darlings!!! Gonna make some very loving homes happier than they’ve ever known!!! God bless and journey mercies, Heidi 😀 xxx

    • Katalin

      Every dog we ever had, my mother treaind to ring a bell when it needed to “go out”. From day one, hang a bell on the doorknob of the door you will use to go out every time you walk the dog. (if the door is a commonly used door, hang the bell on the wall by the door or you will go nuts hearing it all the time and the dog will get confused). While training the dog, every time you walk it, ring the bell, if you can, put the dog by the bell and make it ring it by guiding its body, head, nose, whatever, to get the bell to ring, then take him out immediately. Soon, usually after only a few days, the dog gets it and they ring it when they need to go out. When they are young, if you are not right there to let then out, they will have an accident. When they get older, they will ring the bell and sit there until someone lets them out.

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