Guardian Homes

Guardian Homes at Pine Lodge

One of Pine Lodge Labradoodles’ main goals is to produce pets and service dogs with not only the best health and cutest faces, but also the most well-rounded personalities. We believe this process starts with the upbringing of the parents. Pine Lodge prides itself on having a “down-home” atmosphere and is constantly making changes and adjustments to be sure our dogs feel this. Most evenings, weather permitting, Roy and Heidi take time out of their day to sit in the backyard and watch the sunset, joined by many of their dogs. Some Friday evenings they invite the dogs to the living room to watch Anne of Green Gables or other such movies.

As you can imagine, this kind of care and attention takes a lot of time and resources. We want all of our dogs to get this kind of individual attention, so we are always on the look for guardian families who want to give the same kind of love and affection to one (or more!) of our dogs.

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes are just what they sound like. A home with a family who guards the health and well-being of a puppy in place of us. As a Guardian Family, you will receive a “pick of the litter” puppy for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy the puppy. Your home will be the puppy’s Forever Family, while Pine Lodge Labradoodles will retain the breeding rights for as long as the puppy is active in our breeding program. This amount of time will vary from dog to dog, depending on many factors. At the end of the agreed upon period of time, Pine Lodge will spay or neuter the dog, and your family will continue to provide a loving forever home.

Why Guardian Homes?

Guardian homes are an important part of our breeding program at Pine Lodge. Eventually, every dog will retire from breeding. A dog who’s been raised in a guardian home is able to make a seamless transition to retirement because they already have their forever family. Additionally, here at Pine Lodge we have a little bit of a problem. We want to keep every potential breeding puppy we come across! Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for our Guardian Homes, we simply cannot give the love and attention to all the dogs all the time! Guardian Homes really create a win-win situation for us, the Guardian Family, and the dogs.

As a Guardian Home family you’ll also have the benefit of knowing your puppy is one Pine Lodge Labradoodles considers to be the very best. We don’t keep just any puppy for breeding, so you can rest assured the puppy you receive from our Guardian Home program has been fully health tested, and shows all the personality qualities we are looking to pass down to future generations.

Guardian Home Requirements/Expectations

  • Live within 1 hour of Pine Lodge Labradoodles
  • Willing to transport dog to Pine Lodge or Wilsonville, Oregon for veterinarian visits as required
  • For females: Dog will be away from home 5-6 weeks to whelp, nurse, and wean puppies
  • Responsible for all food and health care costs typical of a pet
    • Pine Lodge will cover all breeding-related tests and costs
  • Guard against negligence
  • Feed high-quality dog food
  • Dog will be well-trained and pleasant to be around
  • Grooming will be approved by Pine Lodge
  • Dog will live in the home, not outside
  • Dog will never be left tethered outside on a chain, rope, or other similar method
  • $1,000 Deposit


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