Happy Easter! 1

We at, Pine Lodge, would like to wish you each a lovely Easter.  We love spring, and all the new life and hope it brings to each of us.  We also love Easter!  We love the candy, eggs, bunnies, new spring clothing and bonnets.  And we love recognizing and celebrating the resurection of our Lord and Savior.  The hope that we too may live again.

Georgia’s puppies are enjoying their first Easter season as well.  they are 3.5 weeks old in these photos.

Happy Easter!


This is our girl, Miss Blarney.



This little girl is Lucky Clover.

Meet Ireland, another lovely little girl.


Here is Limerick, our hansom boy.


Our second hansom boy, Paddy O’Doodle!

And last, but not least, Rainbow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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