henry_0726bHi Connie,
Just wanted to drop you a note about Henry (from Rosie & Quincy’s second litter). He is such a love. He always knows where we all are in the house and is happiest when we are all home and together. He comes to my husband’s side of the bed for cuddles in the morning (my husband is more a morning person) and to me for cuddles at night (I’m a night person), and during the day he is often at my feet under my desk. He is wonderful with our daughter and has converted her from a little girl who was intimidated by dogs to a true dog lover. When our friends take care of him when we are on vacation they just rave about what a sweetie he is, but he also holds his own playing with their dogs. He is smart (rings a bell to go out, jumps, waves, heels, etc.) and somehow manages to be my “baby,” my husband’s “boy” dog and our daughter’s playmate all in one. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!

Here are some pics (we keep him pretty shorn since he gets hot in Santa Fe in the summer and even though it snows in the winter he gets hot inside):

henry_0726a henry_0726g henry_0726f henry_0726e henry_0726d henry_0726c