I think I knew you before I met you…..

There is a song from a few years back that says, “I think I knew you before I met you, I think that I dreamed you into life…”  Something like that.  I really like those words.  Of course I haven’t been dreaming anybody into life recently… but I have often met people that I feel like I have known.  You might call them “kindred spirits.”

I recently heard from one of my puppy families, and I have heard it many, many times before, “It is like our puppy has always been with us.”    Australian Labradoodles are instinctively intuitive.  They have built into their natural characteristics to be more than naturally aware of what their family needs from them.  I have had report after report about my Australian Labradoodle puppies reacting different for each family member.  Doing something to comfort or protect, that they were never trained to do.  And knowing when to be calm because a family member is grieving or is sick.   This natural characteristic makes them be such great service dogs…. but I believe it makes them be such great family pets as well.

Here is a video of the puppies we currently have growing up at Pine Lodge.  We look forward to see where life will take each of them.  We still have a few available if you might be one who “dreamed them into life.”