Let’s Play Doctor

Today Georgia went to the vet.  The reproduction specialist.

Georgia Peaches t.aking a moment to relax

The purpose of her visit to the vet was to have an x-ray, to determine how many puppies she will be having next week.  The x-ray also lets us get a general idea of the size of the puppies.  This is kind of like peeking… but it actually is very helpful for delivery.   You can see if there is a very large puppy she may have problems delivering.  Or a very small puppy that may need extra help.  Most of all, it tells me when she is done.  A girl can take a break, and you think she is done.  Knowing there is one more or however many, gives us the knowledge to not stop.  It can save a puppies life.

Here is your chance to play doctor… how many Australian Labradoodle puppies do you see in this x-ray?  Hint:  count the skulls.  Counting the vertebra’s can be quite tricky.  CLICK ON X-RAY’S TO ENLARGE SO YOU CAN DO YOUR DOCTOR JOB RIGHT.

Georgia's Puppy Count x-ray on August 30th.

While you’re counting, here are some interesting facts about Georgia:

Georgia can’t read, but she likes to be read to.  Georgia love’s to carry tissue’s around… and then shred them.  Georgia enjoys leisurely walks on a leash.  Georgia’s real name is Georgia Peaches, but she will also answer to George or Georgi.  When Georgia finishes her career as a Pine Lodge Labradoodle breeding dog, she would like to travel the world, be a chef and learn to play golf.

Ok.   What was your guess???

Take a look at this x-ray.  With the help of a few red lines, you can see each puppy more clearly.

Georgia's puppy count s-ray with red lines.

How many do you see now?  It’s a full house!  Yes, seven puppies!

Congratulations Georgia and Ranger!  Their seven Australian Labradoodles are due September 7th.