Lexi Goes to the Vet! 1

It’s the last day of the year 2013.  Lexi get’s her Pine Lodge Labradoodles harness and leash by Doggycolors out.  Then she goes snooping through the Anders Printing store.  You see Lexi is a business dog woman.  She pretty much runs Anders Printing, or so she says.  Anders is a family run business and well… Lexi knows she’s a pretty important “person” in this family.

Anyway, she finally finds Mom and Dad.  They then remember- Lexi has an appointment at the vet to have an ultra sound!  Lexi was most anxious, like most women, to know how her little ones were doing.  And a clue of how many.  She’s been a little queezy lately… so is that a sign?

As she waits in the waiting room of Reproductive Revolutions, she enjoys a little chit chat with her fam and the other dogs who come in.

FINALLY her name is called.  She goes back to the ultra sound room.  They put her on a nice cozy cushion, on her back, and then the  tummy massage begins.  Mom stands by her head and rubs her temples.  The doctor rubs her tummy with some lotiony stuff and a little knob thing. 

Lexi is just about asleep when the doctor says-  “Nine, no, ten!  Lexi you have nine or ten babies!” 

What?  Nine or ten babies?  She wanted twins!  Wow!  Wait until she tells Utah!

“Yes, Lexi.  They all look fine,” the doctor told her.

Lexi’s babies are due on February 8th.  They will be apricot to red babies.  They should be 25 to 35 pounds.  Some curly like Lexi.  Some fleecy like Utah.  And all smart!

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  • Tif Calder

    He he. I forgot Utah was the daddy. I was thinking you were making a joke about how many babies-which probably means lots of multiples-are born in Utah!

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