Happy New Year to you and all the pups,

Hope you are well and remember me. This is Lizzy and I am now 14 months old and full of beans. No one can pass me on a walk without exclaiming how adorable I am. I am also full of happy and make my mom and dad laugh all day long. I understand silly talk and can almost speak it.

My dad gives me a shower scrub about every two weeks and I have learned to almost like it. My mom says if she could just find the zipper she would put my muppet costume in the washer and save the towels.

I have learned my manners pretty well except it is just too much fun to give up jumping on my mom, She corrects me and I hunker down on my front paws and flash my chocolate eyes at her and then jump on her again ! I can make her laugh even if I have just eviscerated one of my new toys for the second time in a day.

My best friend is Zoey the black Lab who lives with the Harts…my mom’s girl and her family. The four boys love me as much as they love Zoey. We tear around the yard and I can get as black as Zoey. Chippy the wiener dog thinks he is the referee and it is more fun than a walk in the park.

Well enough about me.

I send my love and hope one day to see you and first dad if you happen to get in our area.

Love and puppy kisses and cold nose bumps, Lizzy