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Are you looking for a mini labradoodle for sale? Mini labradoodles are very popular these days, but wait – what’s a mini labradoodle? A mini labradoodle is a cross breed. It’s a Poodle mixed with a Labrador Retriever. Pine Lodge Labradoodles at Rivermist Ranch is a breeder of Australian Labradoodles. This means that first cross between the poodle and lab was at least 5 generations back, with each generation providing a more consistent coat and temperament. The mini labradoodles for sale at Pine Lodge come from long established Australian Labradoodle lines and have coats and temperaments reflective of this. They are small to medium sized dogs with an average height of 15 to 22 inches and usually weigh between 20 – 40 pounds. Many people love mini labradoodles for sale because they are intelligent dogs who are also loyal and friendly. They make great companions. They are social and get along well with children and any pets you may have in the house. At Pine Lodge, we sell mini labradoodles because we love the breed so much.

Pine Lodge Labradoodles at Rivermist Ranch has mini labradoodles for sale.

We are breeders of Australian Labradoodles. At Pine Lodge, we work hard to bring you not only the cutest puppies but also intelligent and happy puppies. We want you to have puppies that will make a perfect addition and fit right into your family.

We give our puppies 8 weeks to grow and develop their little personalities. At that point, families who have paid their $400 deposit can come and pick up their puppy. Yes, puppies are ready to go to their fur‑ever home after just 8 weeks. We also have upcoming litters that you can put your dibs on.

What’s the Pine Lodge difference?

We strive to provide our customers with a dog of the highest quality possible. Our breeding dogs are health tested so our puppies come from dogs that are as free from genetic health problems as they can be. We also believe in providing our mini labradoodle mamas with the best medical care possible. They receive multivitamins and minerals, probiotics, healthy food, lots of love and exercise. Each mama dog has a complete examination before being bred. We do this each and every time. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the health of our mini labradoodles for sale. We even believe in doing ultrasounds and x‑rays to monitor our puppies’ development.

How can you secure your mini labradoodle for sale?

To purchase a puppy, we invite you to fill out our questionnaire. You submit it online. It’s pretty thorough because we don’t want our mini labradoodle puppies to go home with just anyone. We want them to have a family that’s truly ready them! Then, you make a $400 deposit which is non‑refundable. It can, however, be transferred to another litter. We want you to get the puppy you want. Payment of the deposit secures your spot in the litter and the order in which the puppies are chosen from each litter.

The balance for the mini labradoodle for sale will be $2,300. The balance needs to be paid when the puppy is six weeks of age. Now, we don’t choose your puppy. We will work with you so you can choose the mini labradoodle that will closely fulfill all your desired traits. We will send a weekly update via email. Most of these updates will have photos or videos of the puppies.

The puppies can go home at 8 weeks. We will send you a reminder of the date in the weekly updates we send. You will need to be home the day of puppy delivery or arrange to meet us at the airport. If you need the puppy to stay with us longer than 9 weeks, we will charge you boarding at $30 per day. We also offer Board’n’Train packages.

For more information on mini labradoodle puppies for sale at Pine Lodge Labradoodles, please visit our website at: http://pinelodgelabradoodles.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Dave Anderson

    I didn’t know that there were mini Labradoodles that only get up to twenty to forty pounds. I think that they would be a good option for a dog because of the size and the breed. I know that the breed is very energetic, however, their small size would make them a little less energetic and more manageable. I also think that a smaller dog would be a lot better for my kids so that the won’t get scared of the dog.

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