Luck of the Irish Litter! 2

March is such a fun month… we all have to watch if it is going to come in like a lion….

OOPS!  That’s not a lion, but a labradoodle cut like a lion!

Let’s try that again….

…. comes in like a lion

Or if it will come in like a lamb.

Because we all know, that how March comes in, tells us how it will go out.  The opposite.

March is also a great month because it is spring!  Oh, we have waited so long for some warmth and color and flowers!

And of course, March means St. Patrick’s Day!  The day that even those of us who do not celebrate saints, celebrate one.  The day that even those of us who are not Irish, celebrate the Irish.  We are all just wanting to celebrate!

To celebrate Georgia and Odyssey’s beautiful new litter of puppies, we decided to go with the luck of the Irish, and name them using an Irish theme.  So let me introduce you to the puppies and their names.

This lovely little lass, is Blarney.


This lovely little girl is Clover.

Here we have Ireland, a little lass.

This little lad is Limerick.

Here we have our little guy, Paddy O’Doodle.

And what would a celebration of the Irish be without a Rainbow.  Here is our little lass, Rainbow.

We look forward to enjoying a lovely month of March and watching these little pups grow.  We hope you will join us in doing that!

For more information on this lovely litter, go to their page HERE.

An Old Irish Blessing:

For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way.  Good health, good luck and happiness for today and every day.

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