Lulu and Winston

luluWinston_0914bHi Connie-

Everybody is growing up! Lulu is now 2 and Winston just turned 1. They are great buddies, playing all the time, chewing on each other’s legs. Winston’s baby black parti coat faded to grey but you can see he is quite handsome. They are due at the groomer’s in 4 days—love them this long but the matting gets to us. Emily is now 12 and in 7th grade, and runs 1 mile with Winston each morning, comes back for Lulu and goes another. Becca is 8 and loves to hang on to Lulu’s leash while riding her scooter. We start “refresher” obedience classes next Tuesday. Lulu really does well with a loose lead and a remote collar with very rare prompting-even at the big park. School is back in, and we are happy for a change in schedules and a little more structure. I’m hoping to walk with the dogs after leaving Becca at the bus stop every morning..we’ll see….

hope you are doing well, enjoying a crisp change in seasons-we are still pretty hot.

Take care,

winston_0914a luluWinston luluWinston_0914a