Luna and Barkley’s Puppies

It’s Sunday afternoon at Pine Lodge Labradoodles.  Roy and I are just chillin’ with some Australian Labradoodle pups in the livingroom… like most people, right?

These Australian Labradoodle puppies are so sweet and at a really cute stage.  They want to be social and they want to explore!  But they also want to sleep.  You can tell who’s sleep in this video!  Soon they all are curled up together, sleeping.

The puppies are in what we call an ex-pen.  We really recommend one!  It is your friend.  You can use it as a pen, inside or out.  You also can set it up to block a room off.  It helps keep your puppy more under watch while she is growing up and could get hurt eating something she shouldn’t or ruining something special to you.

I hope you enjoy our Sunday afternoon 🙂