Well, Maizie’s first birthday is coming up (January 8). I just want to tell you what an adorable, charming, smart, and loving pup she is. She weighs 24 lbs. She lives with 2 springer spaniels and 2 cats. She loves to chase cats and I haven’t broken her of that habit yet. She loves to play, loves her pet toys, loves to chew (I am hoping this ends soon!), and loves her walks. She is the best cuddler. I love her eye contact. My older springer can get confused at times and get turned around when we are taking walks. Maizie seems to know this and runs back to her, touches her nose, and guides her forward. She is simply amazing.

I love her and am so happy that I got her. Everyone always thinks she is the cutest dog they have ever seen. I have sent several people to your email site – hopefully one day you will get another order from Kearney!

Hope you have a wonderful new year. I visit your website periodically just to keep up on your wonderful dogs.