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At Pine Lodge Labradoodles we do our best to give the best care and love to our Mama dogs.  When they are retired, they go to their forever home to live.  Georgia retired a year or so ago.  She loves living in Idaho.  She has now taken up hiking and camping!  Go Georgia!  Here is her latest hike, and biggest one!



Her mom writes:

Well, Georgia did well on her first backpacking trip!  They had apparently rerouted the trail, so instead of being a 7.5 mile hike in it was almost 10.  She of course loved the hike!  
She slept pretty well in the tent, but about 1/2 way through the night decided she’d rather sleep on the jackets/clothes I was using as my pillow!  What a little stinker!
She is a great climber, and she got more and more comfortable roaming around our campsite…one time I called her to come and she was up on a rock ledge 10-15 feet off the ground (I attached a few pics for you).  She is a little mountain goat!!
Overall I think it was a very successful trip.  She is tired today and I think she’ll enjoy just lounging on the top of the couch 🙂
Way to go Georgia!  We are so happy for you!

3 thoughts on “Mama Dog Retired

  • Cindy Jordan

    I am wondering what ever happened to our dog’s Mom. Linus (Jagger) was born July 23, 2013 to Tilly (Matilda) and Duchy (Flying Dutchman).


    We would love to re-home a retired pup..we are living in Medford Oregon and contacted Cherry St. labradoodles but she does not re-home. Please let us know if you have any pups coming up in the near future..We are in need of a new companion. Thank you Karen

  • Leslie harter

    Do you sell or adopt out your retired mommy dogs? I just lost my 11 y/o lab and am looking for a retired mom. My son adopted a retired English golden and she’s a wonderful girl. I would like, however, to find a no shedding girl. Thanks Leslie
    I live in upstate NY, and have no desire to breed dogs.

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