marleyHi Connie,

What a priceless moment we had Christmas morning! Marley was sitting in front of me so still the kids thought he was a stuffed animal. Then when he moved they were practically hyperventilating, “We got a real dog, a real dog!” My daughter has proclaimed him the “best Christmas ever.” I hope you have some power now and were able to also have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for helping to make ours so special.

Marley is settling in nicely. He is so sweet and calm. The snow has kind of thrown him for a loop with regard to going to the bathroom outside. He has been holding it unbelievably long (even though we have been taking him outside often he just does not go) and has had a couple of accidents. No big deal. He went outside this morning though, so I think he is figuring it out. He is eating and drinking fine. I am sure this is all so overwhelming to him!

I have not had a chance to look through the folder you gave me as I STILL have the flu, and it has been a doosey. The only question I have so far is, “What are the commands that he knows?” I remember you said “potty”. What else? Does he know “sit” or “come”? Do you use “off” or “leave it” or “no”? I just want to be consistent. We are signed up for a puppy class in January.

marley_0223Hope you have a chance to relax a little now that the Christmas rush is over.

P.S. We went to Betsy’s house for Christmas dinner and Marley and Berkeley got to meet each other and play. They were both so cute and well behaved!

Talk to you soon, Amy