maxx_1127Maxx is an amazing dog! He is SO good with my son and when he is having issues Maxx is there to give him kisses as a way to calm down. He has gone through all of the training classes and is ready to take the Therapy Dog test. He can then go to visit the hospitals and nursing homes. His personality is so easy going yet always ready for some fun. He goes to doggy daycare everyday while I am at work. It gives him the exercise that he needs and he is very well socialized too.

Thank you so much for letting us bring him into our family. He is everyone’s favorite no mater where we go. I often get the question, what kind of dog is he? Followed by, that is what mine was supposed to be, but turned out oversized and sheds! 😉 Maxx is our little Clifford weighing in at almost 30lbs. His other nickname is Snuffleupagus from Seasme Street. It totally fits him!

Hope all is well for you 😉