Hi Connie,

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Very busy week. I have been working every day, lunch and night with Maya and she is coming along so well. She walks well on the leash, but is very calm and quiet when we stop to chat with townspeople. We took a very long walk in town tonight and I thought she would be worn out, but she wanted to run and play fetch for a long time tonight afterward. She just loves to speed around the yard at top speed. Today she went potty on command in the morning and at my lunch break. Amazing.

She is so smart. She has figured out how to open her wire crate (we bought a second crate) by herself from the inside. She also has figured out if she lays under the kitchen table she has a fun place to hide. Tonight, she found the little rubber toothbrush I bought for her and was flying around the house with it in her mouth, all the time wagging her tail and playing a game.

She is a fantastic dog and we are so happy we have her. Katherine is now bugging me to adopt Taylor!


Update 1:

maya_0415aHello Connie,

We thought we would send some pics of Miley/Maya. She is adjusting well to our home. She loves to play ball and has been racing around our yard like a bullet. She is doing well with staying in her crate when I am at work and I come home a lunch to let her out. She seems to have picked me and my youngest daughter Katherine as her favorite people, but she loves all of us. Everyone is amazed how calm she is. She is shy about some noises, I think the traffic sounds like the airplane at times and she sits and listens to it. She loves scratches and hugs and she is really doing well with the sit command. She loves swinging in the hammock with the girls. Katherine even took her to the playground and she went down the slide. Needless to say she is really fitting in.

I am working on her walking around our neighborhood, lots of smells and things to see. She has learned to walk on Main Street, which has lots of traffic. Tonight when I stopped to chat on Main St with friends, she sat for 20 min just watching the cars. She did very well at the vet and has let me bathe her and trim her coat with scissors. Has she ever been to the groomer?

She is getting on our schedule, doing potty first thing in the morning. We had only 2 accidents in the house both our fault. We think she misses her dog buddies and you too. Katherine has given her 3 of her stuffed dogs and she drags them into her crate with her.

We feel so blessed to have this wonderful dog. She is truly delightful and so worth waiting for. We love her so much.

We will continue to send you updates. I hope you are well,


maya_0415b maya_0415c

Update 2:

Good morning Connie,

Here are some pics of Maya/Miley. Thought you may enjoy them. We love to watch her race around our yard.

She had a trip to the groomer and they loved her. She did very well. She also loves playing ball. She can’t get enough of it!

Have a great day,