mckenzie_1112a mckenzie_1112bJohn & Connie,

Well its been one year since we came up to see you and pick out our wonderful little puppy! He is now one year old, and as promised, is a small to medium size…… 20-22 lbs, he is just the perfect size. Every day when we go on our walks around the bay, ocean, or downtown La Jolla, he meets people that just love him. I am getting stingy with your business cards, and only give them to really serious people that seem like they would be good “parents” to your puppies. There are a lot of them though, I hope you hear from some of them………he is a very popular dog in our community. He has a wonderful disposition, and loves to meet other dogs and run and play ball…..everybody looks at him and comments on how happy he is, and that he always appears to be smiling! He is unbelievably smart, and learns new things all the time, with very brief training. We tried to call you the other day, but you must have been busy with all your dogs……hope all is well, sorry we missed you. Attached are a couple of recent photos…… Best to you both, we think of you almost daily, and thank you for our wonderful little family member.

Chuck & Kris, and Mckenzie