mickey_0115a mickey_0115bHi Connie,

November 24th was Mickey’s 2nd Birthday and I wanted to send you some updated pictures and to thank you again for changing our lives with her! I know we are partial but is she just the cutest dog on the planet?

Mickey is doing great! While she is the love of our lives…fetch is the love of hers. She could play fetch 24hrs a day. She does a little dance over the toy that she wants us to throw if we don’t do it quickly enough. As if we didn’t notice her standing directly over the toy…staring at the toy, then us…the toy, then us. She just cracks us up. She will go as far as to drop the toy in our hand if we ask. It is crazy how smart she is. We teach her a new trick in about 10 minutes. She has the basics down; sit, lay down, shake (aka high 5), stay, but the newest trick is “cover your eyes” and it is just too cute.

We cannot fatten her up. She is spoiled with treats (no human food just puppy treats) but she runs so much she is this skinny little girl but in great health. She is a complete cuddle bug (in the morning mostly since she’s not much of a morning pup) and she loves everyone and everything! She is happy to be alive and reminds us to enjoy every moment and each other.

We hope everyone at Rivermist is doing well.

All our best,