millie_0514hWe are simply overwhelmed with what an adorable puppy Millicent (Millie) is! I will send pics from my ipad in a separate email so you can get a feel for her life here. I have been meaning to write since we got home….now a little over 3 weeks. Her first full day here, my husband looked at her laying in the morning room with Blossom and said “It’s like she’s always been a part of our life. She is so comfortable here, it’s as if we’ve always had her.” (this from a man who “really didn’t want another dog”). Now he takes full credit for the great idea of “sending me out there to get her”. HA! I can’t tell you how many people are just incredulous that I traveled from FL to OR to get a dog. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me. Having one grown son in Portland was just a bonus, it never factored into my decision to come there to get her. I frankly am incredulous that a person wouldn’t travel to get a dog, if they felt drawn to do so, as I did. Oh well. My son is in LOVE with her as well, and asked me, “Mom, where in the world did you find her. She’s the best dog in the world.” He asks this is an incredulous voice as if she was somehow plucked down from another world. (And I think to myself, an angelic one) And in a sense, I have a feeling she was. I truly believe that raising this breed of dog is your “calling” if I might be so bold as to say so and you do if from such a place of love and devotion that the dogs you produce bring that beautiful foundation with them to their new homes.

millie_0514gNow, I have seen on your website how everyone is always saying that they “really do have the best dog” so I was just not going to say it, since really, almost everyone thinks their dog is the best. What I will say is Milliie is the best puppy we have ever owned, and there have been many. Her disposition is so so sweet. Training her has been an absolute breeze. We are stunned at how quickly she picks up what we’re asking of her. She has not made one poop accident in the house ( she gives a little whine or goes to the door and paws it) and a few wee wee accidents have happened primarily because I leave her water bowl down at all times and her signals are more subtle and I missed a few of them. It has been extremely hot and humid here and I want to make sure she’s hydrated. She mastered our feeding ritual after 3 days. She sits, waits, then I place her bowl down, then (this is really the hard part and I’ve never had a dog master this so early), while the food is in front of her, she has to look up at me when I cue her to “watch”. She keeps her eyes fixed on me until I release her to eat. I am so happy she is able to do this. I fed her 4 times a day when she came, down to 3 times now because I knew she was used to eating at her leisure there. I add organic freshly cooked veal and chicken with sweet potato to the Orijen with each meal and can’t leave that out all day, so she is doing very well with our scheduled feedings. She sleeps until 6:30 a.m. when it starts getting light here.

She has won Blossom over. They are adorable playmates. Another thing she picked up so quickly is to wait inside while we have our coffee in the morning or drinks in the early evening. We leave the door to our deck open and she and Blossom have to wait inside. It is shocking to us that she was able to learn so quickly what we were asking. Anyway, Connie, many many thanks and best to you,


Day 1

millie_d1_0514c millie_d1_0514b millie_d1_0514a

Day 2
Playing with a toy a neighbor brought her

Day 3
She is determined to forge a bond with Blossom


Mastering the stairs