Dear Connie,

Misty just turned three. I was busy myself taking care of my father who had a stroke. He just went into an assisted living home.

You will be happy to know that Misty turned into his service animal. She saved the life of a gentleman quite unexpectedly. He went to the hospital and ended up having surgery with an artery replacing a vein. He would have gone into a seizure or possibly a coma. I was talking to him on the dock where my boat is in a slip. He had arrived with his boat and we were getting acquainted. My dog reacted unusual and tried to get into his lap and got very upset. I did not know what to make of it. I went back to my boat. Later, the girlfriend brought me roses and told me what happened. They took me out to dinner and were grateful for Misty. They sponsored her to help her become a service animal.

My father has a condition where he passes out so Misty was his service animal. She traveled with us wherever we went with her vest. I take Misty to a rehabilitation center in my town and the people love her. They beg for me to visit their room.

Misty is my constant companion and the love of my life. After my husband and son died, I could not get out of my depression. After Misty came into my life, I felt normal again and ready to enjoy every day. I also get exercise walking her.

I was in Pet Co the other day. Some people came up to the shopping cart where Misty rides. They loved her and couldn’t stop petting her. I liked these people as I discovered they were sailors and also missionaries. They love animals and I know we will get together again. Please contact them. Here is their email ————.

I went into your web page and it looks like you have a great selection of beautiful dogs.

Just got your phone message and was good to talk. Will keep in touch with you and I will send photos of my sweet adorable Misty.


misty_0519My puppy is still the most perfect one in the world.
Here is a photo of Misty and I having fun in the kayak.

Love to my friend,