mo_0404aHi Connie

This is Inez Pennington, Mo’s new mommy. I’m writing to say thank you for choosing the perfect puppy for is. He’s everything you said he would be and more. Everyone that meets him can’t believe how well mannered and calm he is for a puppy. His potty training has been a piece of cake, I’m sure you must have had a hand in this. Thank you. He’s very confident walking with us, he’s social skills meeting people, kids and other dogs are done calmly but joyfully. However, we have kept him away from parks and dogs recently until all his vaccinations are done. I have bought all the puppy books you have recommended and have found them very useful.

I work from home as an artist so Mo has round the clock love and attention, we have lots of playtime and sleep time, he responds very quickly to sit and stay already. He’s a dream puppy and has stolen our hearts, my husband even comes home an hour earlier to walk with us..

Thank you once again, will keep you posted.

Kind regards


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