Molly and Ollie’s Puppies 1

Molly and Ollie have six lovely puppies.  Two black, two brown and two red…. but they don’t look alike!  In each color, there is one solid and one “parti.”  Parti means that the coat is white, and has spots of another color.

Here is a little video of the puppies at 12 days old!  Just click on the arrow 🙂

One thought on “Molly and Ollie’s Puppies

  • Mary Dean

    Hi Heidi, I am having so much fun looking at all the guys and gals and now the puppies. I wrote to you this morning. Since then, I have looked at a number of websites on Australian Labradoodles. I am drawn to your loving and kind home of Labradoodles. So far I am enchanted by Mollies beautiful coloring and disposition and Ollie’s charm and size. I want to stay on the tiny mini size because we are in a condo. We have many dogs in the complex and I am an active walker .

    Are all of the puppies of Molly and Ollie taken? I am interested in lighter, like a honey color. We are not in a rush so I just am learning about the breed and would love to come visit when we get back from Palm Springs In a month!

    Thank you,
    Mary Dean

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