nellie_0913a nellie_0913bConnie

This is a much delayed hello and update on Nellie!! We are so incredibly happy – really beyond words. Nellie was 24 weeks yesterday, and time has flown. Immediately she became one of our family, and our busy lives. She goes on a walk every morning with me before most are up at 4:30am, gets a walk with the boys and their babysitter before school/activities at 8am, a walk midday at noonish, after school/activities at 3:30ish, and before bed Tim takes her out again. Playtime between all of that, too… In fact, she gets more exercise than I do! We spent a week on the Oregon coast together a few weeks ago, and she LOVED it! A couple photos attached. The most common comments we hear are (and it is at least daily, still!) “oh my gosh, she doesn’t even look real; she looks like a stuffed animal; she’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!”. And, our puppy trainer (we go to classes one evening a week) loves her so much she has offered to take her for weekends if we ever need it. That, to me, is the sign of an amazing dog. Nellie is very calm. She loves people and is getting very comfortable with other dogs too. She has really helped our family focus, and every one of us begins every day and every entrance/exit from our home, with a big hug and snuggle with Nellie-belle! What a wonderful, centered and loving way to exist!

We can’t thank you enough for bringing wonderful Nellie to us. We have told many about Rivermist Labradoodles, and I would imagine you’ll see some references over time. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Hope you and John and all the dogs are doing well, and that you found some peace and relaxation this summer.

We would love to hear from you. Thanks again!

Teresa, Tim, Ryan, Patrick and Nellie